We are always looking for new opportunities to grow by investing in new markets, industries, projects, and concepts. Our partners are always supported by our strong internal resources. We have the expertise in new business start up and have the existing infrastructure to fast track and secure the initial stages of starting a business. The below list entails the major aspects that we can add value with to our potential partners:
  • Investment solutions
  • Focus on the target project
  • ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:1999 certification since most of the group companies are certified
  • Excellent market knowledge & network
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Licensing
We are a family of companies dedicated to supporting each other, growing together, and remaining one step ahead. We first conduct a very meticulous study of the market and once we find a great opportunity we make sure to jump at it.

Union Holding Company Profile

Founded in 1985, today, Union International Holding Group is one RAK’s largest conglomerates. The process of restructuring and consolidating began in 1998 which led Union Holding Company to become an investment house and incubator for new businesses. The objective of Union Holding became to manage and invest in new opportunities. Both, HH Sheikh Tariq Bin Kayed Al Qassimi and his managing partner Captain Issa Muqattash, have played a big role in the success of Union Holding.

It is part of Union’s vision to be an active investor constantly looking for new investment opportunities. This approach has generated a lot of long term growth in capital and income. Over the years, Union Holding has invested in many projects not only locally but region wide. Its’ existing portfolio manages a diverse group of companies in four main sectors: Construction, Shipping, Industrial, & IT.

When Union Holding looks to partner up with another company or individual it offers great value to its partner. Union is a great support in establishing a company because it has such a diverse list resources and infrastructure. This allows Union to assist in anything from locating and purchasing equipment, to logistics and licensing. Union has also built a large network of key people in the region. Union Holding may also help arrange finance from banks and other institutions, it provides its own portion of the shared capital, it carries a strong brand name which has become known to most of the consumer markets, and it provides immediate access to customer bases and vendors. Most of Union Holdings’ success can be attributed to the fact that Union was always able to offer the following:
  • Investment solutions
  • Focus on the target project
  • ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:1999 certification since most of the group companies are certified
  • Excellent market knowledge & network
  • Diversified portfolio
Union Holding strives to seize all lucrative opportunities for investment. Its determination is forceful and its support is consistent. For more details click here.

Jog Union Engineering, a subsidiary of Union Holding Company, has opened a Branch in Abu Dhabi. This subsidiary has high aims to expand its market opportunity and reach the demand of clients throughout the UAE. Dr. Tayseer, the GM, says "we believe the move we made will be a fruitful one and we are ready to take on the needs and dreams of this market". For more information on Jog Union Engineering please visit www.jograk.com


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Union Holding Company LLC
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Ras Al Khaimah Branch
Nakheel, Time Travel Building
3rd Floor, Ras Al Khaimah
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Tel: +971 7 222 0666   Facsimile: +971 7 222 0999
Email: info@unionholding.com

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